Who is Buckeye Telecom?

We were founded on February 24, 2003 by Jonathan A. Eubanks.  He had been on the direct side of the house for 4 years prior to opening the company.  With all of the changes occurring in telecom, he decided to become a Master Agent and represent all of the carriers.  So today, we represent over 100 telecommunications companies worldwide. 

Buckeye Telecom currently has over 3800 customers throughout the world.  We work with small businesses with as few as 2 people to Fortune 100 companies with thousands of employees.  Our customers use us for everything from voice lines to fiber connections.  We also have many relationships with PBX vendors, SIP providers, Security Software, and data back-up services.  If you need it, we can get it for you. 

Buckeye does not charge a fee for their services to the end user.  We get paid from the carrier or vendor for all of our services.  The price you get from us, is the EXACT same price if you call 1-800-DIRECTREP.  Save yourself the drama and time and call us.  614-224-2003.  

2 reasons to use Buckeye Telecom over a direct rep!

Same Pricing

The exact same standard pricing is used in the Agent Channel and the direct sales channels. In spite of all of the additional knowledge you can tap into with Independent Agents, you can be sure you are not charged any extra for it. For large projects, special pricing is available to both Agent and direct channels at the same rates. It's an incredible model that helps the customer and agent win, and insures that all potential clients are treated equally.

You get to hear the truth!

When you use the services of an experienced Independent Telecom Agent, you tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of someone who has been in the field for many years-and most likely with multiple carriers. Your agent will typically have experience dealing with multiple carriers in your market, including ones without a direct sales force, and can tell you how they actually perform. They won't paint the rosy picture all of the carriers would prefer you to see when you think of them. Who has the most reliable network? Who has billing problems? Who is going bankrupt? Who can make the desired install date? Who is buying business with low prices, but it may never get installed? When using an Independent agent, you don't have to listen to "The Company Story" for each carrier, as they tend to dress up their deficiencies anddownplay weaknesses. You get to hear the truth.

Contact us, and we will help you with your telecom needs.