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***We will quote you cable, fiber (up to 1GIG), and T-1 connections.  

What We Do.

Companies come to us needing help on finding the correct telecommunications product or service for their business.  We save them time and money by being able to pull instant quotes from all available carriers for most telecom services.  This saves our customers time by calling the direct reps at each of the carriers and waiting to hear back with a yes or no.  

We have access to the exact same pricing as the direct reps.  Don't let them tell you otherwise.  We pull from the same quote tools.  

Buckeye Telecom gets paid from the carrier.  So picture yourself buying car insurance.  He/She gets paid directly from the provider you choose.  So there is zero cost to you using us.

We give unbiased opinions on each of the carriers.  We are not stuck using one.  We have access to all carriers Nationwide.  

What we don't.

We do not charge a premium for our services.  Again, we sell you services with the exact pricing as you will get from calling into the carrier itself.  If you don't believe it, try us.  

Buckeye Telecom doesn't have a quota.  So unlike the direct reps who bosses are jamming the product of the day down their throats, we sell you what you need, not what our boss says you need so he/she can make their quota.  

We won't switch jobs and then come to you and tell you that we were forced to sell what services you purchased through us, and then try and move you to yet another carrier so we can get paid again. 

We do not pay "kickbacks, spiffs, commission splits" to our customers to gain their business.  The benefits of using Buckeye Telecom far outweigh a check each month to the IT person so they purchase from us.  

For 15 years, Buckeye Telecom has done the right thing for our customers.  We have had some of our customers for the entire term of us being in business.  

We work with small businesses, as well as, Fortune 100.  Our niche is multi-location/multi-state companies looking to do an upgrade.  

If you are looking for any type of carrier based services, give us a shot.  Tell us here, what you are looking for and we will get you quotes back from our vendors.