Forget Everything You Know About Telecom  

The old ways are gone, and your company better get on board! In our 16 year run at things, we see what the new future of telecom is and its a lot more complicated that it used to be.


How Does Buckeye Telecom Work With You?

Buckeye reverses the traditional quoting model. We give you quotes from all carriers. With Buckeye, everything becomes simple and transparent. Once you decide which direction you want to go, we will get the contracts for you. Once signed, we turn them into the carrier and project manage the whole order from cradle to grave. This saves you hours of time and money looking for quotes from multiple vendors and also learning to follow orders through the system. We know how to do all of that for you. We’ve been doing it for 16 years. Don’t worry, we get paid from the carrier, have the same pricing as the direct reps, and support your company’s purchase throughout the contract.

How does Buckeye Telecom Support You?

Buckeye Telecom supports our customers 24x7x365. We monitor all circuits with IP’s addresses. FOR FREE!

Why would you sit on hold for hours with different carriers to resolve billing errors, MAC orders, etc. We do this.

We handle and escalate your trouble tickets to get issues resolved quickly.

We keep you informed every step of the way. (via email or SMS texting)

You have a business to run. Let Buckeye Telecom handle the telecom details. We dont charge you a cent for our services. Its our way of saying thanks for being a Buckeye Telecom customer.

Free Circuit Monitoring

With the help of our partner, we offer FREE circuit monitoring (Ping, Trace-route, Circuit Monitoring Peering, and access to a web-based dashboard with all results) on ANY circuit sold via Buckeye Telecom with ANY carrier as long as you have an IP address. For a minimal extra monthly fee, Buckeye will contact the provider on your behalf, open a ticket, and monitor until resolution. ($20 per circuit per month) . SMS and email’s whomever you deem necessary to follow any outage resolutions and need to see the progress.


Recent Circuit Quotes for Customers

We Find The Best Prices! Guaranteed! Who Is Your Carrier? Do you know where you stand with today’s pricing? Here are a couple examples. (6-19-19 prices)

10MG Fiber - With Router - 3 Year Term - 43213

1GIG - Without Router - 3 Year Term - 45840

100MG Fiber - With Router - 3 Year Term - 43015

500MG Fiber - With Router - 3 Year Term - 49686

Scared to switch? Contact us, Buckeye take care of the hassle of telecom.

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