At Buckeye Telecom, we are specialists so we do 3 things and we do them really well...Telecommunications Procurement, Technology Project Management, and Managed Security!  We are all about quality personal customer service.  Click on the icons below to learn more.  

Simply put, a customer comes to us looking for assistance on finding the best option for their company's technology/telecom needs.  Buckeye Telecom gathers quotes from all available carriers, and sends them back to the customer.  (usually between an hour to 48 hours, depending on the service needed)  After a choice is made from the customer, Buckeye then gets the contract together (contract is from the carrier directly).  Once the order is placed, Buckeye Telecom project manages the order and implementation of the service/system.  We do not charge the customer for our services.  The carrier pays us a monthly commission.  We get the same pricing as the direct reps do, so no worries about paying more by using Buckeye Telecom.  Our specialties are Hosted Phone Systems, SD-WAN, Wireless Back-up, Cable Broadband, Fiber Connections, and Managed Security.  We are able to help you with all facets of your telecom, but these listed above are the most popular.