~ A job well done to Jonathan.  Not only did we save money, we also received a new phone system (cloud) and SD-WAN (didn't know what this was until he and his vendors told us about it).  We now have a completely redundant network running off of a cable connection and a wireless backup.  Pretty slick set up, I must say. 


~ Before coming to Buckeye Telecom, I always used the direct reps.  I had fairly decent success, but it seemed that I always had a new rep.  It was frustrating that once I got to know my rep, they ended up moving on.  I heard about using a telecom agency for my services and took the plunge.  I called Buckeye Telecom, spoke to Jon, and he then directed me in how his company works.  We did chose to work with his company, and have since 2009.  I am very satisfied, and will never go back to using the direct reps again.  Thank you Jon for all of your help.  Our contract is coming up for renewal, lets chat soon.


~ As the service contract manager for a Fortune 200 Company, I contacted Jonathan at Buckeye Telecom to assist with evaluating our telecom service needs after hearing about his work with high end services at a local networking event.  he hosted several engineering meets and took our service usage and budget into consideration when proposing his service products.  My organization accepted Jonathan's propose each time he has submitted one, as his service and needs analysis accuracy simply cannot be beat.  We have worked together on several service requests so far, and I will continue to put my business needs in his hands as I have complete faith in his ability to meet them. 


~ What a blessing to find a company like Buckeye.  Jonathan and his team not only saved me time by searching for the best pricing, but also project managed my 11 locations being switched over to the new provider.  Thank you for all that you do.  


~Jonathan is the best.  He did so much for our company.  I am a small business owner in Maryland and heard about using a telecom broker.  So I called up Buckeye, they got me quotes, and sold me service.  Im pretty impressed on the ease of this.  Thank you.


~ Buckeye Telecom has been a great resource to Carrier Great Lakes.  Jon has been able to provide us excellent customer service and has found us the best carrier's for what we need. I have been a customer of Jon's for 14 years and would recommend him to everyone.  If you want someone who does the right thing for the customer, Buckeye Telecom is the one to hire. 


~ I have had the privilege of partnering with Jonathan Eubanks on several large projects over the last 7 years.  I have found Jon, not only to be very knowledgable in his profession, but always open and honest...he is a person that does what he says he is going to do.  In this day and age and in this industry, I can't think of anything more important than lining yourself up with people that do that they say they are going to do, follow through, and always put the customer first.  


~ I have worked with Jon jointly on accounts for telecommunication needs, and he is always great on price, responsiveness and knowledge.  He looks out for the end customer to find better and stronger deals, as it pertains to more bandwidth for the same or lower monthly costs.  He is also knowledgable in the telecom field and keeps me current as technology changes.  There are many vendors to choose from with telecom consulting and Jon does right by my customers.  


~ Jon Eubanks is a great salesperson, and on top of that a great guy!  Jon is the ultimate professional that knows how to get things done ethically and accurately.  Buckeye Telecom is a very reputable company that we thoroughly enjoy partnering with on business opportunities.  Jon - Thank you for your trust and your business, and we look forward to a long-term successful business relationship.