The MDS Cloud is a multi-layered, sophisticated security stack that inspects all traffic at wire speed using up to a half dozen industry leading security engines. Once connected to the MDS Cloud via a Cloud-Link® or your current gateway, all data is tunneled to the MDS Cloud to go through a vigorous screening process detecting and blocking any malware, malicious links/content, threats or intrusions. Everything happens in the MDS Cloud, so no threats can get close to your network or your data. This vigorous filtering process is applied to both incoming and outbound traffic. Anything going in or out is thoroughly cleaned and your network is protected.


MDS Cloud Features.  

Anti-Malware, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Firewall, Denial of Service (DOS), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Malicious Website Protection, VOIP QOS, Botnet (Malware Communications), Basic Reporting, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Website Filtering, Application Control, Blocking of Embargoed Countries, Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Guest WiFi, and LAN Separator for Dedicated PCI Network.  

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