Buckeye Telecom as a Service!

We always do the right thing for our customers.  Here are a few examples.

A potential customer emailed us about our 60-minute quote option.  Her requirements were a 10MG fiber connection with a Managed Router.  She wanted a one year term since it was a start-up organization.  I pulled quotes from all available providers at her location, and here are the results. (carrier names were left blank due to drama of publishing them)  When you ask for a quote, we do supply all carrier names to you so that you can see for yourself.    

Exibit A

10MG Fiber Connection in Columbus Ohio

Exibit B

A current customer of ours called and told us they were moving and wanted help with inside wiring.  We asked them if they had scheduled their telecom service to be transferred to the new location.  They said that they had contacted the carrier directly, and all was set up.  (usually, Buckeye Telecom takes care of these types of changes, but a new IT person felt that they could do this better)  

I asked the customer what she needed internally at the new office.  (computer drops, phone drops, etc.).  She tells me that the direct rep from the carrier had sold her a 3MG bonded T-1 and a POTS line.  So she needed those circuits brought into her new suite and also drops for three people.  

A perfect example of a direct rep over-selling a customer.  This company has three employees, and everything they do is via an online CRM including their voice services.  90% of the time, calls get routed to their cell phones.  

The verdict.

The direct rep was going to charge her $975 a month.  We took control, canceled the move order, and sold her a cable connection 100x10, a POTS line, and her bill is now $130 a month.  

Exibit C

We were approached to solve a Fortune 100 companies problem.  They wanted a guest wifi environment, as well as a production environment in almost all 50 states.  It was 429 locations, and they wanted it done in 4 months.  

Buckeye Telecom has agreements with all telecom providers across the US.  So we grabbed all locations and put them into our quoting tool.  Within 60 seconds, We could tell the customer what the carrier is and also pricing.  

Buckeye ordered cable, DSL, Satellite, Wireless, and T-1 services from 7 different providers for this customer.  We then project managed it and made sure that the service was ordered, installed, and billed correctly for each location.  This was three years ago, and Buckeye is still involved daily with any new orders and also monitors all of these circuits to ensure that they have minimal downtime.  

Try calling your local cable company and asking what addresses they can service in the US.  It takes time, and time is expensive when you do it yourself.  Buckeye can do this better because we are experts in telecom project management.