What does Buckeye Telecom do?

It’s simple. We take care of acquiring quotes which saves you both time and money. We use a patented API which connects into each of the carriers quoting system. We put in the information (from you) and within 60 minutes, the carriers give us their best prices.

Instead of you calling 5-10 carriers, listen to each of their “why we are the best” statements, and then have to get barraged on quotes and follow up calls, we take care of this in 60 minutes.

Watch the video, then go to our site. www.buckeyetelecom.com. Fill out the simple information needed and you will have a quote back in 60 minutes.

Buckeye Telecom

Net Neutrality? What is it? Read this, and you will know. You are welcome!

To have a clear understanding around the buzz on Net Neutrality, knowing how it came about is important. Tim Wu, a professor in Columbia University first created the term “Net Neutrality” in 2003 while writing on the topic broadband distribution in a scholarly paper.