Why Choose Cloud PBX Solutions?


No matter the size or type of business or organization you run, efficient communication between staff and with clients, customers, and vendors is essential. New technology has opened up the opportunities for communication solutions. You can have a VoIP service that includes many other features for a comprehensive communications solution. By taking your phone service one step further to a cloud-based solution, you will gain many benefits. The following are just a few of the reasons to choose cloud PBX solutions rather than relying on the more traditional phone systems.


One of the main reasons many companies are choosing cloud PBX solutions over a traditional server is that it is more cost-efficient. There is no large upfront cost because you do not have to worry about buying special hardware or have staff members for operating or managing the system. Instead, you simply have to pay your monthly or annual costs to your provider, and they handle the hardware, software, and maintenance costs. You also save money on hidden fees, such as long distance calls. You can easily budget your communication expenses, since it will be the same cost every month.


Easily Upgrade and Expand

Cloud PBX solutions easily expand with your company. When you need to install a new phone system for new hires, there is no hardware or difficult installation necessary. Instead, you simply need to update your web portal through your operator. There are no capacity limits, so you never have to worry about maxing out as your company grows. If you move spaces or add a new site, there also is no expensive or difficult changeover. You simply have to let your provider know, and they will make any necessary changes so that your new site is up and running with minimal delay.

Access from Anywhere

Another reason that many companies have chosen cloud based systems rather than the traditional phone lines is that it makes it easier for employees to access it from anywhere. This makes it effortless to have multiple sites or allow employees to telecommute. It also is beneficial for companies with staff that frequently travel to visit vendors or clients. They can contact clients and talk with your company no matter where they travel, including overseas.


Integrate into CRM or ERP Systems

Cloud PBX solutions also have the option to integrate into your CRM or ERP systems. This can help you efficiently match callers with their records. As soon as someone calls into your system, his or her matching records, along with any notes, will be displayed. This allows you to offer better customer service. This system can also automate your call record system, which also helps you to run better analysis and other reports.

These are just a few of the lucrative benefits to choosing cloud based systems rather than the traditional PBX systems. You can save money, have flexibility, and never have to worry about not being able to communicate with your employees, clients, or vendors. You will find that your company works more efficiently while providing enhanced service to your customers and clients, which ultimately improves your bottom line.

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