Why Business Needs Telecom Brokers

Telecom Brokers are telecom professionals. their extensive portfolio includes the full range of telecom products from T1, DS3, OC, GigE, Cloud and VoIP connections to services like Collocation and Telecom Expense Management. With their industry relationships and expertise, they offer a one-stop source for unbiased advice, plus the best prices on services from major providers of Local, Long Distance, Internet, MPLS, and more.

Why do you need Telecom Brokers?

Multiple Carrier Options:

Would you like to deal with one person for all your communication services, rather than dealing with a sales person from each company? The broker will have contacts with many carriers and vendors which means he or she can quickly acquire quotes and information without you requesting it yourself. A big time saver, especially when evaluating multiple locations and offers from vendors.

More Expertise:

A typical telecommunications company will have over 50 percent sales turn over each year and end up hiring inexperienced sales people to fill positions. Many Telecom Brokers have had years of experience working at various telecom companies, they understand technology and are able to compare company A and company B.

Pricing and Support:

In some cases, Telecom Brokers offer better rates to their customers than going direct with the telecom company. In fact, many Telecom companies in an effort to reduce cost have fired their sales staffs and only work with “indirect” or Telecom Brokers.


Some telecom providers provide great pricing, but they take forever to install the services, others have poor billing and are unorganized. Good Telecom Brokers can explain the good and bad of each carrier and what to expect.

Single Point of Contact:

All too often after you purchase telecom services and need help with billing or service issues the sales person that sold you the service has left. You are now have known one to call for help and are left calling the companies 800 number which can frustrating and downright time consuming. A good Broker can help escalate, troubleshoot or get resolutions resolved much faster than dealing direct with a telecom provider.

Reasons to use an Independent Telecom Broker:

One, it's one-stop shopping which save you Time! The broker will have contacts with many carriers/vendors which means he can quickly acquire the quotes and information that you need - without you having to request them yourself by filling out online forms and repeating the requirements over and over.

Two, product and industry knowledge. The sales rep from Company A isn't going to tell you that it has excessive billing issues and Company B's rep isn't going to tell you that the network in your area sucks or that the product is so new (or old) that delivering it to your satisfaction is not going to happen. A Broker will have that kind of information.

If the customer cares about speedy delivery and least cost, then the Broker can eliminate looking at the operators that don't own network there or who have provisioning hurdles.