Which Type Of Cloud Is Good For Your Organization: Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud?


Cloud computing is gaining more and more importance in this internet world. Thus it is essential to have good knowledge of cloud computing and what kind of cloud is beneficial for your business infrastructure. In this article, you will find out the information about cloud forms and which will be the best for your company. Cloud computing is categorized in three forms: 

Public Clouds: It is the common cloud computing model where services and infrastructure are provided off-site over the Internet.

Private Clouds: Services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network. These clouds provide high level of security but still require to purchase and maintain all the software and infrastructure which lower the cost savings.

Hybrid Clouds: Such type of clouds combines a variety of public and private options with multiple providers.  Organization provides and manages some resources in house and has others provided externally.

Every form has it own features, limitations and benefits. The right selection of cloud for you is depending upon the type of data you are working with. Here we are going to discuss information about these three types of clouds which will assist to know whether to deploy a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud. Get a comparison of these clouds on the basis of security levels, management required etc.

=> Public cloud is well suited for those organizations which don’t require the level of infrastructure and security provided by the private clouds. Such type of cloud is the right choice when:

* Some of the workload of applications is used by lots of people, e.g. email.

* You require to test and develop application code

* You have SaaS applications for implementing security strategy

* You are performing collaboration projects

=> Private cloud is good for those organizations which require to store and process private data.

It is the obvious choice when:

*Major concern is to provide greater level of control and security

*Your organization is a part of industry that must conform to strict security and data privacy issues.

=> Hybrid Cloud combines both public and private cloud. It is considered the best choice for those companies which have special circumstances. Have a look on these situations where a hybrid environment is best:

* When organization needs to use a SaaS application along with good security level. In such type of cloud, vendor will develop a private cloud for your company inside the firewall. For security, virtual private network is provided.

* Hybrid cloud can be used by those companies which provide services that are tailored for various vertical markets. In this case, public cloud is used to interact with clients and private cloud is used to keep their data secure.