Understanding the Concept of Internet of Things (IoT)


The term IoT stands for Internet of Things where everything such as device, human, network etc, has a unique identifier and has the ability to communicate over the internet. This concept is growing day by day and fueled by the expansion of wireless and cloud computing technology. IoT is increasing the integration of people and things on a large scale which once was unimaginable. IoT market adoption is increasing because of:

  • Rapid growth in analytics and cloud computing
  • Increasing inter-connectivity of devices and personal smart devices
  • Growth of applications connecting supply chains, partners and customers

IoT is not only limited to smart phones, tablets and laptops but the release of more and more devices that are capable of internet access are expanding the universe of Internet of Things devices. Do you think that IoT hasn't entered your life yet? Then you are wrong because from cash registers, gas pumps, parking meters to washing machines, everything can access and transmit the data over the internet.

Let's have a look on some of the applications which are the part of IoT:

  • Medical & Healthcare Systems: In the healthcare centers, professionals have access to real-time data generated by heart monitors and insulin pumps.
  • Environmental Monitoring System: Environmental monitoring applications that assist in environment by monitoring air or water quality
  • Building & Home Automation: IoT devices used to control the mechanical & electronic systems as well as control lighting, air conditioning, appliances etc.
  • Cattle ranchers can track or monitor the cows in the field including their location and also identify those are pregnant.
  • With IoT devices, easy to monitor and control the power stations, remote pumps feeding oil and gas lines

All these things are specified as a part of Internet of Things. Besides these, you can see various other things that are somehow the part of IoT. Examples:

=> Car shows a message when it requires oil change or when tires pressure is getting low

=> Traffic lights provide real-time data on traffic flow

=> Gas pumps provide price information to customers etc.

All these are available with the use of internet and considered as a part of IoT. Now you can imagine all the things that we have seen in our daily life are coming under IoT. It is now becoming the need of everyone even for the better growth of businesses.

The concept of Internet of Things is growing day by day and becoming the part of everyone's life.