Copy of The Issues and Challenges of IoT Products


The Internet of Things usually means scenarios where network connectivity and computing capability of objects, sensors and other everyday items which are not considered computers, these devices generate, exchange and consume data with minimum human intervention.

The projections and trends for IoT devices may force a shift in thinking about the implications and issues were the most common interaction with the internet comes from passive engagement with connected devices rather than active engagement with content.

The Internet of Things means physical devices that connect to each other through the internet. Smart devices which can be remotely controlled and monitored, or work automatically, using a variety of software, cameras, and sensors. There are several types of smart devices, and more emerging every day. Wearables devices like a fitness tracker, watch healthcare devices like heart and blood pressure monitors are converting to intelligent devices as well.

The interconnected IoT devices which are poorly secured and connected online potentially affect the security of internet globally. Developers and users of IoT devices and systems have a collective responsibility to ensure they do not expose users data and the internet itself to potential harm. The user-specific data streams collected by IoT devices can present unique value of specific IoT users and raises concerns about privacy, and possible damage might withhold full adoption of Internet of Things.

The use of IoT devices may raise regulatory and legal issues as well as amplifies existing legal issues around the internet. While organizational challenges and legal issues are broad and complex in scope, adopting the guidelines of Internet Society for promoting users ability to connect, speak, innovate, share, choose, and trust are core factors for evolving IoT laws and regulations that enable user rights.

In spite of all issues, uses of IoT devices is increasing because these products are innovative products and systems and make life easier. There are lots of IoT products coming every day in the market and expanding their user base. There are lots of websites showcasing IoT products and systems in details to expose such innovative products further globally.

UltimatelyScience Articles, solutions for maximizing the benefits of the Internet of Things IoT products and systems while minimizing the risks will not be found by engaging in a polarized debate that pits the promises of IoT against its possible threat.