Telecom Expense Management 101


Telecommunications Expense Management is the method of managing the most critical strategic assets such as “Telecom network” of any organization. TEM is a kind of program which is based on an accurate telecommunications service inventory. It measure the various telecom management activities like tracking moves, adds and changes, carrier spending levels and network optimization. TEM covers the technology process, policy and people needed. These are some of the things that you can do with TEM:

  • Measure accurate inventory of every network element
  • Assist to pay your bills on time, Predict future network costs
  • Evaluate the impact of the network on the company’s bottom line
  • Validate the accuracy of your invoices , Allocate costs back to the appropriate organization
  • Dispute invoice charges with the carrier , Build your telecom budget
  • Optimize active network infrastructure
  • Help to negotiate better contracts with your providers
  • Examine  Call Detail Reporting from your invoices and your telephone switches
  • Centralize all telecom data into one single repository which is helpful for accurate data reporting, analysis, and business intelligence
  • Measure SLAs internally and externally

By following these three inventory related activities, you can get the most out of your telecom expense management program.

Track MACDs. A MACD (Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnections) order: For an expense management program it is the most complex activity to track.  There are number of service classifications are created by carrier provisioning system which create various inventory management and telecom billing assurance challenges. Some of the network service statuses like disconnected awaiting final bill, installed but not turned up, in service and billing etc, are needed to be tracked for each service order placed. Without an accurate telecom inventory and telecom inventory tracking system, it is tough to manage the telecommunication changes.

Manage carrier spending level: It is also essential for effective TEM. Accurate telecom inventory records give a detailed information about what you can move from one telecom carrier to another and also determine how it will affect your spend with the respective carriers. This will assist to manage and monitor the carrier spend.

Conduct communication network optimization reviews: With accurate inventories, telecom team can easily conduct communication network optimization reviews. It is a good way to make sure that telecom expenses are allocated across the organization efficiently.

If you want to maximize the level of analysis, effectiveness of program and also want to reduce the expenses then telecom expenses management system is the best way.

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