Telecom Auditing – The Right Way to Resolve Errors in Telecom / Technology Process


Today, computer technologies are merging rapidly with communication technologies to bring the newer and more useful devices in the market place. Businesses are taking the benefits of this telecommunication technology to communicate with their clients all around the world. Telecom technology provides lots of benefits to companies but it also create lots of problem if not monitored properly. Thus telecom auditing becomes essential to get rid of any issues or hassles. Some of the mistakes like failure to pay close attention to details, human error, don't check the long time telecom bills, insufficient knowledge of latest [technologies etc. can show bad effect on the revenue of a company. For an organization, it is important to avoid such problems that can be easily done by following telecom audit process. It helps to detect and reveal the small and large errors. Some of the areas in telecommunication that are required to be audit are: VOIP, voice messaging, wireless, traditional phone systems, internet, text messaging, virtual private networks etc. To prevent the company from loses and extra expenses that can be occur due to errors in telecommunication process, it is recommended to follow telecom auditing process.

Telecom auditing process involves the following steps:

  • Acquiring documents to create an inventory database: This step involves the collection of telecom invoices which show the costs over time and customer needs. Some telecom audit companies use software to analyze the database and trends. It also need to collect voice and data service contracts which includes local and long distance service, telecom equipment, wireless phones and maintenance service agreements. Another document includes customer service records, directory advertising etc.
  • Analyzing all the data: The second step involves the comparison of inventory costs against pricing plans. By analyzing all the data, it assist the company in deciding whether there is a requirement to expand more telecom resources or need to re-deploy the existing resources. Telecom auditing help to maintain the record of current pricing and traffic changes which will be beneficial to provide cost effective plan for their clients..
  • Reporting and Recommendations: The last and most important stage is reporting and recommendations. It helps to identify what kind of improvements and savings can be made.

There are many errors that can be found in telecom technology such as errors in telecom bills that can play havoc on draining the organization's capital. To avoid such a big loss, it is better to follow telecom auditing process and resolve as much as issues that can be identified during this auditing process.

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