How to Reduce Your Telecommunications Expenses.


Telecommunications play a crucial part in any business enterprise, and they will typically include local and long-distance phone services, toll-free numbers, mobile and wireless services, email, voicemail and conferencing facility - amongst others.

According to the IDC Research Group, telecommunications costs are not only the second most significant indirect expense but also the fourth most abundant fee overall for a business organization. Thus, any business house that wants to save on operational costs, one of the most critical areas to economize is telecommunication expenses. If you exercise proper control, you can meaningfully reduce the cost of your voice, data and wireless communications.

How to manage your telecom budget?

Managing telecommunications costs is not an easy task for any business - whatever its size and scale of operations. As a first step, do a research study and work out the level of telecom service that is required to meet the needs of your organization optimally. Naturally, this means that the combination of services you buy should exactly meet your business needs - neither more nor less. You should not buy features that are superfluous, and you would never use.
Management of telecommunications costs, a business enterprise should have a regular and comprehensive strategy to monitor various plans, services, and resources. One of the best ways to achieve this is to work with a telecom consultant who can competently assess your telecom needs - such as commercial long distance and local phone service, high-speed internet access, data services or even integrated voice and data services.
This consultant will work with the carriers to formulate a plan consisting of a host of solutions that will adequately meet your needs as also your budget. Please remember there are telecom master agents who build strong, long-lasting relationships with both the clients and carriers by their contacts, experience and objective assessment.

Periodic valuation of your telecom services:

Another measure a business enterprise can take to reduce telecom costs would be to undertake a thorough audit of all the telecom services it is paying. A periodic evaluation will help understand if there are any services not being used any longer or are being under-utilized - and these services can be dispensed with to reduce the overall costs.
Make it a point to check billing mistakes and ensure they are rectified. Billing errors can be of different types - a line or service that has been discontinued may continue to be billed, the bills may not be by the rates indicated in the quotes, and there could be an incorrect assessment of taxes, etc. Often, due to lack of time or the inadequate workforce, companies do not check the telecom services bills they receive.

Do circuits optimization:

Another way of saving telecom expenses is to optimize circuits so that they can be used to their fullest possible efficiency. This can be done by consolidating multiple narrow bandwidth lines into a few higher bandwidth lines.
When it is time for renewing a contract Computer Technology Articles, business houses should make their contracts competitive instead of just straightaway renewing their existing contract. They can once again seek quotes from various carriers to provide details of specific plans or packages for what the company needs. This way it can be found out who is offering more services for the same price or who offers the same package for a better price.
A business enterprise must be continually watchful about the emerging technologies in the telecommunications sector and study how any new devices can be leveraged to reduce their telecommunications costs.

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Telecom Expense Management 101


Telecommunications Expense Management is the method of managing the most critical strategic assets such as “Telecom network” of any organization. TEM is a kind of program which is based on an accurate telecommunications service inventory. It measure the various telecom management activities like tracking moves, adds and changes, carrier spending levels and network optimization. TEM covers the technology process, policy and people needed. These are some of the things that you can do with TEM:

  • Measure accurate inventory of every network element
  • Assist to pay your bills on time, Predict future network costs
  • Evaluate the impact of the network on the company’s bottom line
  • Validate the accuracy of your invoices , Allocate costs back to the appropriate organization
  • Dispute invoice charges with the carrier , Build your telecom budget
  • Optimize active network infrastructure
  • Help to negotiate better contracts with your providers
  • Examine  Call Detail Reporting from your invoices and your telephone switches
  • Centralize all telecom data into one single repository which is helpful for accurate data reporting, analysis, and business intelligence
  • Measure SLAs internally and externally

By following these three inventory related activities, you can get the most out of your telecom expense management program.

Track MACDs. A MACD (Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnections) order: For an expense management program it is the most complex activity to track.  There are number of service classifications are created by carrier provisioning system which create various inventory management and telecom billing assurance challenges. Some of the network service statuses like disconnected awaiting final bill, installed but not turned up, in service and billing etc, are needed to be tracked for each service order placed. Without an accurate telecom inventory and telecom inventory tracking system, it is tough to manage the telecommunication changes.

Manage carrier spending level: It is also essential for effective TEM. Accurate telecom inventory records give a detailed information about what you can move from one telecom carrier to another and also determine how it will affect your spend with the respective carriers. This will assist to manage and monitor the carrier spend.

Conduct communication network optimization reviews: With accurate inventories, telecom team can easily conduct communication network optimization reviews. It is a good way to make sure that telecom expenses are allocated across the organization efficiently.

If you want to maximize the level of analysis, effectiveness of program and also want to reduce the expenses then telecom expenses management system is the best way.

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