Phone System

Why Choose Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a Reliable Phone System for Small Businesses?


Different businesses have different systems of communication needs. Today, companies have an increasing number of alternatives such as text messaging, email, social media, internet telephony or voice over internet protocol (VoIP), when it comes to communicating with employees, customers, associates, etc. Out of these shared communication modes, the vast majority of small businesses and various virtual offices choose VoIP as a mainstay. 

Some important reasons why VoIP is beneficial for small business:

Ease of use
Easy to set up and use are most significant benefits of using the VoIP communication systems. Unlike traditional landline systems that involve installing complex PBX hardware, VoIP only requires subscribing a high-speed internet connection and IP phones from a reliable service provider. All you need is to sign up for the service while you can also choose your services plan from various options. You can even have the preconfigured system if you are buying the services as IP phones directly from a single provider.

Valuable Features
There are a plethora of useful features available with VoIP for small businesses such as three-way calling, call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting, call transfer, etc. Viewing and listening to your online voicemails is available and they can also be accessible to your phone. You can efficiently deliver these voicemails to your email inbox as well. 

Low Cost
Unlike traditional landlines that requires purchasing or maintaining expensive hardware equipment, VoIP does not require buying any hardware because it is a cloud-based technology service. All you need to purchase in case of VoIP is the new IP phones and the monthly service fees as per your desired service plan.

Not only does VoIP provide varieties of features at low cost, but it also offers highly reliable in making and receiving calls successfully. However, it is crucial to choose trusted services as well that have built-in redundancies providing transparent and automatic failover to help prevent any disruptions or outages in service.

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How your Business Phone Systems Help Increase Productivity


Business owners always look for ways to help improve the efficiency of their employees and increase productivity at work. Many companies enforce restrictive policies to keep their employees on task; while others encourage their people to the best with incentive programs. However, to increase the productivity, the best potential alternative is to provide your employees with the robust set of tools to work on their tasks in the most efficient way. One such tool is your business phone system when it comes to ensuring a strong and collaborative communication system and helps your people work more effectively resulting productivity. Other than traditional land-line system, today, there are a wide range of leading phone system technologies available such VoIP, cloud-based systems, etc. These technologies allow your phone system work anywhere anytime as well as expand almost limitlessly.

Let us explore some important factors how your phone system can help improve your productivity

Faster and more collaborative communication helps workers do more 

Nothing delays a task more than a poor communication where workers wait for one another's return calls. A streamlined collaboration is highly critical for any project to efficiently move forward towards successful completion. That's where IP and cloud based phone systems with their presence information can help in which you can know who is available for your call. In this way, amount of time spent over phones can be reduced considerably while also avoiding unnecessary return and follow-up voicemail massages. In addition video and audio conferencing can help achieve a better collaboration and communication system when you have workers across different offices locations.

Staying connected consistently can help achieve more objectives

Achieving more than one business objectives concurrently can also effectively increase your productivity. With IP and cloud based phone systems, there are various ways available to integrate personal devices into your business phone system. Staying connected with co-employees and management can be highly effective while traveling for professional conferences, face to face business meetings, etc. Calls or messages can be routed to any mobile devices that helps any worker to be well-informed.

Tracking features can be used to motivate and improve employees

When all your workers connected into your business phone system, your management can measure up their performances by tracking & recording communication. While recorded sessions can be used for various training & feedback, this will also allow providing them motivation and encouragement along the way. So, analyzing the areas and making improvement in employees’ skills and performances can greatly affect the productivity.