Online Security

IT Security Do's and Dont's


The following Do’s and Don’ts help remind us all the things we must keep in mind to remain cautious.

Do’s - Be accountable for your IT assets and data, Adhere to Policy on use of IT services and facilities.
Don’ts – Do not store sensitive information on a portable device without strong encryption.

Dos – Do scan all email attachments for viruses before opening them, use a digital signature to send emails.
Don't's – Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources, don’t click on links embedded

Reality check – 61% of Security & IT professionals believe their organizations will be the target of an advanced attack within next six months.

Do’s – Choose well-known or trustworthy e-shopping sites, check the trustworthiness of the e-commerce website (e.g., checking the SSL certificate)
Dont's – Don’t make any e-shopping transactions using computers in Internet café, don’t share your IDs with others.

Do’s – Do keep your passwords or passphrases confidential, make sure that your password strength is strong and change it regularly.
Dont's – Don’t share them with others or write them down. You are responsible for all activities associated with your credentials.

Do’s – Be aware of your surroundings when printing, copying, faxing or discussing sensitive information. Pick up information from printersFree Reprint Articles, copiers or faxes promptly.
Dont's – Install unauthorized programs on your work computer. Malicious applications often pose as legitimate software. Contact your IT support staff to verify if an application may be installed.

Information security is crucial in the organization. So it is vital and essential to all staff in a team to have knowledge and understanding about the importance of information security practice to protect the confidential data. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your organization's security or need any IT security consulting, then please visit Our Security Page.  We have a product that will take all of the stress out of your life with securing your internet experiences.  

Prepare your company for online threats in 2018.


With more and more business applications as well as individual file storage embracing cloud-based services, security turns out to be an extremely vital concern to keep data or files safe within organizations. The outgrowth of BYOD (bring your own device) trend along with wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets in the workplace has elevated the level of security concern for many enterprises and companies. The utilization of new technology has made information more readily available, but it also has made information more vulnerable to hackers. 

Protecting your information is highly indispensable to keep your business system grow efficiently without any threat or risk. However, the vulnerability in a modern business system has considerably increased ever since the wireless communication started. Today, there are various forms of security attacks, targeted cyber activities and hacking activities that use pre-built or well-resourced tools. 

According to cyber security experts, the volumes of online attacks will keep on increasing as new technologies keep on emerging. Highly sophisticated and resourceful hackers can target any business, leaving no organization immune. Last year, there have been many security breaches concerning even highly protected military and online government systems. This increasing threat will continue pressurizing both public and private organizational assets furthermore in 2018 as well. 

  •  Wireless and cloud-based technologies will bring many changes on how we deal IT security
  •  Organizations will implement more intense and proactive cybersecurity protection 
  •  Security-as-a-service will be one of the next big things in the corporate world.

Security experts anticipate that state-sponsored threats and cyber espionage will keep on increasing in 2018. The level of security concern regarding hackers using sophisticated malware will be continuously on the rise that would further push security experts designing more proactive security system. 

Both government and private organizations will need to change their security strategy from a necessary defensive approach to a more proactive measures & smart security management where attacks are prevented before they take place. Therefore, organizations will be required to gain significant insights and become well-informed from big data analytics and other security intelligence. 

 In 2018, the need for outsourced security-as-a-service, skilled security resources and other managed IT options will continue to be increased to meet the ongoing protection needs. Therefore, mainstream security vendors have to generate a range of affordable services and products that can meet the emerging security needs for organic in 2018.

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