Mobile Messaging

The Future of Mobile Messaging


The way of sending messages has been changed i.e. SMS messaging is declined due to the evaluation of various mobile apps that provide a different way to do conversation through messages. Number of mobile apps are now available that are designed for messages or have incorporated messaging in their service. Today everyone is now using smartphone and in this smartphone-driven world, mobile messaging apps have raised their importance among social media networks. Let’s have a look on some of these platforms that have become more ingrained in the society as a primary form of digital communication.

Cyber Dust: This is Buckeye Telecom's preferred method for messaging.  CyberDust is a brilliant and genius way to have conversations with people without worrying about it coming back to haunt you later. As more of my friends have been joining CyberDust I’ve been noticing I am using the native messaging app on my phone less and less. Since I’ve been using the app I’ve found that I have been more genuine in my messages and have felt more secure knowing the various features that are in place to protect my identity once I press the send button.  Our ID is +BuckeyeTelecom

Whatsapp: The usage of whatsapp is continuously growing and becoming popular all around the world. It has also released a web app for desktop that make the typing experience more interesting with a full sized keyboard. Every smartphone users are connecting with this app day by day and enjoying its messaging experience.

Line: Another popular messaging app for communicating with one another. It makes messaging experience more enjoyable through the use of variety of stickers. Line has also launched a separate sticker app. Due to the popularity of Line's stickers, there is a big opportunity for all brands to generate and spread their own stickers to Line Stickers for users, perhaps as a part of integrated campaign.

Yik Yak: It is an anonymous virtual bulletin board which is launched in November, 2013 and now active on over 1000 US college campuses as well as going to expand overseas in this year. This app has very strong base among college students that allow users to monitor the latest things going on in their current location. This application is not only for college campuses but also useful in other areas.

KiK: For mobile messaging, Kik is also used by number of people. It is found that it has highest engagement among 14-17 years old. It also offers promotional chats that allow brands to share stock responses to the masses and communicate with users.

Snapchat: A new anticipated Discover feature has been released by Snapchat that allow users to see highly visual mobile content from media publishers such as CNN, ESPN, People etc. Just click on the mobile screen and you have the access to short form video content which is distributed through these publisher's selected Snapchat Discover channels. Latest content has been released by these channels every hour.

Besides that there are various other messaging apps like WeChat that are widely used by people for messaging purpose. The trend of sending SMS through phone has been changed because of the evaluation of the latest mobile messaging apps. Besides just messaging, these are also useful for businesses to promote their brand in more economical and effective way.