Learn the Fastest Way to How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked?

The emerging technology is bringing lots of new things and features that make various tasks easy and people are enjoying these. But this rising technology also carries some security concerns which require security measures. 

We are continuously hearing the news of hacking either network hacking or computer hacking. One such hot topic in these days is “Phone Hacking”.  It impacts anyone who owns a cell phone and can badly affect your personal or business life. Phone hacking is really a serious concern for all of us. 

The latest smart phones provide a variety of features that make everything easy e.g. online shopping anytime and anywhere, send money through mobile banking or do some transaction over the web. But besides the ease of these features, have you ever thought that what will happen if your mobile get hacked.

While traveling to anywhere, most of the businessmen use smartphones for their business discussion or for big business transactions. But submitting your private or confidential information on phone network is really safe! The answer is a big “NO”. It is due to the reason that there are many malware or viruses spread by hackers over the mobile network that can somehow entered into your mobile and can loss or steal your all sensitive information. Such kind of situation can badly impact your business life and provide a great business loss.

It is not only bad for business persons but also harmful for any of the individuals. If your phone is hacked then hacker can splatter your personal conversations, pictures or text across the internet which can damage your personal life or livelihood. 

Numerous celebrities or politicians have faced the situation of phone hacking. You have the opportunity to prevent your phone from hacking.

Some of the measure that you can take to protect yourself against phone hacking:


  • Change the default mobile password with something complex number
  • Don't connect the phone with unprotected Bluetooth networks
  • Turn Off Bluetooth services if you are not using it
  • Don't store your Pin or Debit/Credit card details on the phone, instead you can use a protected app
  • Avoid accessing bank accounts via public Wi-Fi because they can be unsafe
  • Turn off auto complete features. It is safe to re-enter the information every-time you need rather to save it on the phone with auto complete feature. 
  • Delete browsing history, cookies and cache on regular basis
  • Use authentic security application to increase the protection level


By implementing some of these simple security measures, you can prevent your phone from being hacked at great extent.

Fixed & Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions


Knowing when and how your business should leverage fixed and mobile satellite connections can prove to be a challenge, but with the number of solutions available today, it's much easier to identify and anticipate the needs of mobile satellite internet for any size business. If growth is part of your plan, scaleable solutions for various geographic locations should be a requirement. Ensuring you can connect to field offices, transport data while on the go or conduct business in even the most remote locations are all possible with mobile satellite communications. Utilizing globally positioned earth stations, mobile satellite units can be mounted to vehicles, offering remote and transportable Internet access literally wherever a vehicle can go. With advances in satellite technology, on-demand internet connections are not only feasible, but the variety of solutions available makes communicating instantly anywhere, anytime ideal for businesses and consumers alike. For commercial satellite networks, the need for mobile communications goes beyond cell phones and PDA's. Business satellite Internet services provide affordable plans keeping corporate offices connected with remote sites, branch offices and isolated facilities regardless of location. Being able to connect through a secure network to conduct day to day business operations, whether by voice conferencing, video, data or fax, is a necessity for many organizations to maintain bottom lines and profitability. Not only is down time, lost time and costly to streamlining efficiency, it is an unnecessary endeavor with today's mobile and fixed satellite communication solutions.

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Fixed and mobile satellite communications not only aid in emergency situations, but they can extend corporate IT networks, allowing corporations to maintain complete control of business and routine operations from anywhere. Commercial satellite network connections offer reliable and secure access for businesses, government agencies and other industry groups. Regardless of location, mobile and fixed satellite communications allow organizations to expand their network infrastructures to the most remote locations and field offices. In addition, mobile satellite communications provide excellent back-up solutions to terrestrial connections, offering uncompromised connectivity performance.

Selecting commercial satellite services that are quick to deploy, highly reliable, and easy to expand, should be considered when assessing your options. Ensure that 24x7 support and qualified personnel are available to answer questions and assist in a time of need. There are a variety of solutions and packages provided by fixed and mobile satellite providers. Look for low maintenance as well as the most cost-efficient options available.

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