Managed Security

How managed IT can improve your business?

Offloading your business IT operations to a managed service provider is an effective solution to reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Whether you are small, mid-size or large businesses, you can get myriad of benefits from managed services while also improving the overall health of your business. They will take on a 24-hour responsibility while managing, monitoring and solving problems for your entire IT system. In this way, you can unburden your business from the weight of IT systems, while also giving you time to explore and focus on various other vital business tasks.

Here is a list on how managed IT services can improve your business in the long run:


Custom-made services to meet your business needs:

Managed services will create a customized system that ideally meets your company needs. They will access your existing business volume, your future objectives, security concerns, to get to know your overall business aspects and then work with you to craft the most cost-efficient IT system that would maximizes your business operations, growth as well assists in future expansions. You will have a wide array of managed services available for you; however, you will only pay only for your required services.


Predictable Cost

While managing in-house IT operations, you may always stumble upon unexpected expenditures concerning unplanned system breakdowns, security breaches, and various other unintended IT hiccups, etc, hitting hard into our budget. Managed services offer pay-per-use IT solutions in which cost are relatively more predictable for the tasks comprising monitoring, maintenance, prevention to avoid potential emergencies from happening.


Refocus company revenue on other operations

Big companies make huge amount of investments on in-house IT solutions for housing, energy use, software and hardware maintenance, employee training, retirements & other benefits, etc. However, it becomes hard for small to medium businesses to invest such a big revenue to manage everyday IT tasks or other emergencies. Here, managed IT can be a highly reliable solution that will provide customized IT support for the business at highly affordable rate. In this company revenues can be utilized on other operations such as marketing, hiring, customer relations, production and growth, etc.


Improvement in Business Efficiency

Every business always needs to generate the best brand productions in order to stay ahead of the competition. Your business efficiency increases when all your operations are working at peak rate. Slow systems and downtime may hamper your business process, leading to poor company performance and morale. With managed services, your systems will work at their full potential, ensuring proper and successful business operations. Your employees and associates can work cohesively and collaboratively, leading to greater business efficiency.

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What Exactly is Telecommunication Network Security

Now a days, all the things are based on technology. The face of technology is continuously growing and from time to time, we see a new face of technology with advanced functionality. Today, in this world of technology, Telecommunication network has almost been switched from conventional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to 3G and more recently 4G. Packet -switched networks have taken the place of PSTN based circuit-switched networks.

In this rapidly growing telecom industry, there is a need to maintain a secure, highly available infrastructure which is able to provide authentic and resilient services to users. Telecommunication networks that are using today are complex and heterogeneous mix of varied technologies which is the need of business to scale up and cater the growing demands from the industry. To keep these telecom networks safe and secure, there should be a strong security check on the entire network.  

Why Telecommunication Networks Security is the major concerns for Telecom Organizations?

Day to day, we hear the news about data breach or telecommunication network attacks causes disrupt, deny or intercept communications. Behind these attacks there may be individual hackers, hacker organization, or even state-sponsored agencies. 

Telecommunication networks are considered as a part of national infrastructure globally. There are greater chances of serious attacks on this critical infrastructure by hostile states. These attacks cause data leakage of individual and state apparatus, misuse of information that results in disruption of communication system etc. Thus telecom organizations keep the security as their primary concern and ensure the security of their infrastructure and services. In case of any failure in the security of their infrastructure, they may face large financial or reputational losses which will lead to loss of customer confidence, legal actions or fines.

Have a look on some of the major threats on telecommunication networks:

•    Zero-day attacks

•    Attackers use modified base stations, exploit weaknesses in signaling systems that causes prohibited interception of traffic 

•    Misuse of lawful interception mechanisms

•    Attacks on critical infrastructure components such as switching centers

•    Unauthorized access

•    Personal or confidential data breach

•    Attacks on self or competitor networks

•    Supply chain contamination of telecom equipment being imported from other countries

In order to secure the telecom network and maintain the organization's reputation level, a good information security program is essential. Besides this, security testing of telecommunication network is also necessary to check out any new vulnerability or threats so that they can be resolved before the occurrence of any issue. Security testing covers various things such as telecom equipment software, firmware and hardware, radio access network IT and telecom network components etc. To examine unknown vulnerabilities, security testing is vital.

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