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The Changing Face Of Telecommunications


The telecommunications industry is always evolving. If you are looking to purchase telecom equipment, security products, cloud, carrier services, and VOIP,  it helps to have a guide who knows the telecom industry.

In the not so distant past, business telephony was relatively simple. There were not a lot of choices and very few options. While a company could choose from a variety of different telephone equipment providers, telephone service options were minimal. Most companies did not have a choice of local service providers and a handful of opportunities for long distance providers. Things are no longer that simple.
In today's high tech world, there are not only more options available to the consumer, but there are far more choices to make. Telephony has gone beyond the handset and the telephone line. There are cellular options as well as VoIP and integrated computer telecom options.

Keeping up with the rapid growth of technology:

In the good old days, the business owner could handle choosing and managing a company's telephone needs. Today, that task is a fulltime job. Today, companies need an IT department to help manage telecommunications. Not only to maintain the telephony of the business but to keep on top of the rapidly growing technology that becomes available on a regular basis. Many companies are not big enough to employ fulltime IT staff. These companies often utilize a telephone consultant. By using such companies, a business can outsource information technology.

The importance of technology consultant:

A technology consultant can be a company's most valuable asset. A consultant gives you access to an expert in telecommunications, security, cloud-based products, and much more. In addition to being on top of the latest trends in telecom, a good consultant has knowledge engineering, communication sales, and management. These individuals provide a company with a broad knowledge of carrier services and equipment. Using a consultant allows companies to see the big picture as well as the little details. Knowing the ins and outs of carriers, vendors, and manufacturers is an invaluable trait that any business can benefit from.
Often, consultants will work free of charge for a company. These individuals make money on commissions that they receive from telecom providers. In these instances, a business gets the benefits of an IT department for no out of pocket expense. While many find this relationship ideal, others feel hiring consultants on commission (direct reps) is a mistake. The risk in doing this is that such consultants may make decisions based on what is best for their bottom line as opposed to what is best for the client.
Whether a company chooses a consultant or hires an IT professional, a business owner can no longer navigate the complex world of telephony without help. As technology continues to evolve, the need for consultants, IT professionals, and telecommunication experts will grow by leaps and bounds.

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