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5 Common Mistakes of Cyber Security Made By Most


We live in a world where technology and internet is more central to our lives, both at the work place and at home. As the technology is developing, cyber security crimes also get increases. Even for a personal security purposes, individuals must pay attention towards surroundings and their actions. There are several areas where most of the companies fail to pay attention regarding cyber security. Let’s have a look at the 5 common mistakes which most of the companies make in case of cyber security:

  • Lack of Training: Employees without the cyber security concepts often become vulnerable. Every business owner must make sure to educate all their employees regarding the cyber threats. For this, an expert professional should be hired so that they could train the employees regarding the attacks and several latest updates.
  • Non Tracking Of Access: The IT administrator of the company should consider several factors which includes “who has access to what data”, “changed permissions”, “does any unnecessary person have access to records” and lots more but most of the time, these configurations are not efficiently organized which is a main problem. Company should track each and every detail to prevent a data breach.
  • Less Caring of Corporate Data: Most of the employees simply focus on their daily job without even knowing that which data is critical for a business to get success. Only maintaining of financial and human resource records is not enough. Staff should know about the core data and have the responsibility of protecting it.
  • Less Understanding Of Cyber Threats Among Employees: Along with basic education, one should also make sure that the staff should know the key terms Trojan horse, Phishing, hacking, Spoof etc and the expressions which it mean. It makes sense to be sure that the individuals are also familiar with these attacks and know how to protect against them whenever such issues arise.
  • Spending Of Money in Wrong Segments: Too often businesses focus on revenue generation opportunities but take very little step towards defensive posture. Expenses on networking equipment is not enough, one must also understand the extent of the threats.

Thus, these are the few common mistakes which most of the companies usually make. To avoid all these, everyone must take the ownership of cyber security and share the responsibility for data protection.

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Look Into The Amazing Benefits Of Having Cloud Computing by Jonathan Eubanks


“Cloud Computing”, one of the latest concepts of Information technology that has grabbed everyone’s attention. However, its concept is not new simply it is a modern version of an old time sharing model of 60s where computers were big, heavy and very costly to maintain. But these days, with the advancement of technology, everything becomes fast and easy. With the assistance of cloud computing, company can store and access data virtually in a cloud rather than on hard drives and servers. Now a days, computing is much more of a utility for the end users so that the end users need not to worry about the technical details, only need to focus on the results. Mainly it completely escalates the reliability of the IT structure and expands the technology management feature of the company. In short, it reduces the IT maintaining costs to minimum and expands the technology management feature.

Storing of information in the cloud gives a great storage capacity. While having the benefits of cloud storage, there is no need to worry about the availability of storing the data as they can store a large amount of data with easy accessibility. Moreover, the access of information is also very easy from any location. This feature allows the user to move freely in any geographical location without facing any issues.

Using of a cloud computing environment will generally helps you to send data over the internet and store it on the third party system. Due to its huge benefits, not only the large but also the small business owners are acquiring the benefits of cloud computing and give their business a new edge of advancement. They are now able to cut down their costs while improving efficiency.

With the invention of this new concept of IT, people have no need to set up new infrastructures and hence can save huge amount of money. That is why cloud computing is recognized as the best way to enhance the capacity without any investment. With its immense benefits, cloud computing technology has not an option anymore; it has now become one of the most accepted forms of working.