8 Steps to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked?

The emerging technology is bringing lots of new things and features that make various tasks easy and people are enjoying these. But this rising technology also carries some security concerns which require security measures. 

We are continuously hearing the news of hacking either network hacking or computer hacking. One such hot topic in these days is “Phone Hacking”.  It impacts anyone who owns a cell phone and can badly affect your personal or business life. Phone hacking is really a serious concern for all of us. 

The latest smart phones provide a variety of features that make everything easy e.g. online shopping anytime and anywhere, send money through mobile banking or do some transaction over the web. But besides the ease of these features, have you ever thought that what will happen if your mobile get hacked.

While traveling to anywhere, most of the businessmen use smartphones for their business discussion or for big business transactions. But submitting your private or confidential information on phone network is really safe! The answer is a big “NO”. It is due to the reason that there are many malware or viruses spread by hackers over the mobile network that can somehow entered into your mobile and can loss or steal your all sensitive information. Such kind of situation can badly impact your business life and provide a great business loss.

It is not only bad for business persons but also harmful for any of the individuals. If your phone is hacked then hacker can splatter your personal conversations, pictures or text across the internet which can damage your personal life or livelihood. 

Numerous celebrities or politicians have faced the situation of phone hacking. You have the opportunity to prevent your phone from hacking.

Some of the measure that you can take to protect yourself against phone hacking:

  • Change the default mobile password with something complex number
  • Don't connect the phone with unprotected Bluetooth networks
  • Turn Off Bluetooth services if you are not using it
  • Don't store your Pin or Debit/Credit card details on the phone, instead you can use a protected app
  • Avoid accessing bank accounts via public Wi-Fi because they can be unsafe
  • Turn off auto complete features. It is safe to re-enter the information every-time you need rather to save it on the phone with auto complete feature. 
  • Delete browsing history, cookies and cache on regular basis
  • Use authentic security application to increase the protection level

By implementing some of these simple security measures, you can prevent your phone from being hacked at great extent.


How to Save Yourself from Getting Hacked


In today's digital world, the unethical hacking activities are on the rise, creating havoc in global digital network security systems. Malicious hackers always are on the move, looking for vulnerable points in your system, mostly with an intention to get control over your security system and acquire confidential data. Last year, cyber security threats were among the newsmakers and even big enterprises like Microsoft, eBay, AOL, etc, have been the victims of network security breaches in some or other ways. So, it is apparent that we are definitely going to confront more threats in the coming years both in personal and professional levels. Therefore, proper security measures need to be enforced in order to prevent this menace.

Let's explore some important points to help you save yourself from being hacked:

Keep your software genuine and up-to-date:

As new bugs and viruses keep on emerging on the digital scene day by day, it is critically important to ensure that your software is genuine while you also apply software updates whenever they are available so that your system becomes protected from current cyber security threats.

Follow two-factor authentication:

A two-factor authentication should be enforced in your account login system where you not only need entering your username & password but also require verification of your identity by entering a randomly generated code received by your mobile phone.

Employ a creative password solution:

Make sure to come up with a super strong password that will be difficult to crack. One effective way to generate a creative password is by selecting each initial letter of a random sentence and forms an acronym to become your password base. It is not recommended to use same password for multiple services because if your password gets compromised, your entire services become vulnerable to attack.

Don't plug in unreliable USB drives into your system

Inserting any random USB stick can make your system compromised because if it may house executable malicious programs that can put you at risk.

Be well-informed on phishing scams

Malicious hackers use phishing scams or techniques -- faking emails that are specially designed to steal information from you. Such scams can get malicious programs installed onto your system with an intention to acquire personal data. So, you need to be well-acquainted with these issues as well and know how to stay away from them. It is perceived that most phishing scams have grammar or spell error, malicious links, etc, in the email content.