Who is Buckeye Telecom?


[embed][/embed] Buckeye Telecom is your one stop shop for telecom/technology needs. We are located in Columbus Ohio, but service customers throughout the globe. We have the ability to help you price shop all available carriers and service providers for your project. We offer cloud services, data connections, voice services, and managed IT.

Buckeye has been servicing customers since 2003, and has over 3800 all over the globe.  We have agreements with over 100 carriers that sell cloud services (Saas, BasS, DRaas, Virtual Machines, Storage, etc), Data connections (fiber, cable, wireless, satellite), and Security Services (MDS, outsourced IT, Security Assessments).  We also can help you find the best VOIP or Hosted Provider for your business.

We are experts in Big Data, Cloud Services, and Security.  We are launching a pay as you go MDS service which will give the SMB market access to Enterprise Security.  Contact Us and we will go over the product.  Click Here to run a test on your network to see if you are at risk.  We will get the results and contact you to explain each of them.

When using Buckeye Telecom, we do not charge for our services.  The carrier pays us to be an outside salesforce for them.  We will help you find any service option at your location, get the quotes, help you decide on a carrier or service, and submit the paperwork for you.  We will then track the order from the cradle to grave.  At any time during this, we will help with trouble tickets, moves, adds, changes, or anything concerned with the product or service you have ordered.  Basically, we can be your outside IT firm.

Let us know if you have questions.

Buckeye Telecom