StartMeeting Audio and Web Conferencing Service


We have recently added StartMeeting to the list of services we can offer our customers.  Their company has been nothing but amazing to work with.  They turn it up very fast, and their pricing is best of breed.  Here are some of the details. Toll Conferencing up to 1000 clients and up to 50 seats on screen share $19.95 a month.

Toll Free Conferencing 3.9 cents a minute

If you are looking for screen sharing for larger amounts of people, here are those plans.  (each of these includes the up to 1000 toll conferencing clients)

200 screen share seats $99.00

500 screen share seats $249.00

1000 screen share seats $349.00

This is a non-contracted service with a 30 day free trial.

Here are a couple videos about the product.  If you want more information about this, please call us at 614-224-2003.