Ohio companies: 100MG carrier grade wireless internet (no contract or install fee) for $699


Details for the Fast Lane Promotion DISTANCE: All locations must be located within one mile of one of the specified towers and must have line of sight. SLA: SLA is not included in the price due to the discounted price of the Fast Lane Promo. If a customer wants an SLA, normal charges and contracts will apply. NO INSTALL FEE. CONTRACT: A signed long term contract commitment is not required to receive the Fast Lane Promo discounts. However, if a customer signs a two year agreement we will further discount by an additional $100 for the price of $599 per month for 100 Mbps. EQUIPMENT: Must install a small one foot dish on the roof of the building. Some locations may require a two foot dish to be installed. LOCATION: Must have LOS. Being located within the coverage map does not guarantee service. We may open more locations to this promotion but these are the locations eligible at this time. DISTANCES GREATER THAN A MILE FROM TOWER: We could extend this promotion to distances further than a mile, please ask how! It may increase the cost and/or we may require a construction charge. CONNECTION TYPE: This can be for Layer 2 transport to one of our data centers or DIA. Layer 2 could allow the customer to contract cloud services or off-site backup from one of our data center partners. Customer is responsible for all cross connect charges. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Each customer will receive a single static IP address with the purchase of an internet connection. Connections to the customer will be capable of going to 500 Mbps with just a turn up at an additional cost. Special pricing for the Fast Lane Promo begins at $699 per month for 100 Mbps. Connection is on a licensed frequency so there will be no interference.

Please fill out our contact form and we will prequalify your address.  In the note section, please put in Fast Lane Promo so we know the product you are interested in.

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Buckeye Telecom