Network Security and its Importance to Business Organizations


As modern technology advances with growing capacity of computer networks, the threats on wired or wireless networks also get increased. The overwhelming use of internet & mobile commerce in today’s world for various business transactions have called for flawless network security solutions to prevent information theft and loss of privacy. Installation of firewall settings and other anti-virus software programs may be demanded for securing personal computer networks. However, when it comes to securing business computer networks, many factors & aspects of network security have to be considered because the consequences for a compromised network within a business organization could be highly critical resulting many risks on theft of sensitive information, loss of financial data, and many others.

How is a Network Breached?

There can be direct or indirect network attacks resulted from various causes. As humans create network security systems, so, they are also usually exposed to human mistakes. Any individual with essential computing expertise and skills can make a network system compromised. Unsecured passwords, misconfigured system settings, default security loopholes on network devices, operating systems, other internet protocols, etc, are some common factors that can cause a network breached & compromised with network resources.

Using of pirated or infected software programs in your computer networks can also pose a serious threat in your network security system. And also leaving your workstation open while you are not around may give potential attackers a chance to easily gain access to sensitive company resources. Oftentimes, employees within an organization can also become major threats to network security when they deliberately share highly classified company information with outside sources.

Therefore, every business organization should employ a complete integrated solution dedicated to network security for monitoring every kind of unauthorized system access and many other network threats. It is critical essential to build a safe and reliable network and also undergo schedule checks on the network security system to maintain privacy and prevent various network attacks. This is why many companies as well as government organizations have now started spending considerable amount of investment on securing their networks.

Let’s explore some basic reasons for establishing a reliable and safe network security system for an organization:

To Safeguard the Assets of the Organization:

The valuable information or sensitive data stored in the computer networks is an important part of the organization’s assets. Therefore, securing these assets is one of the major goals for the organization’s success. Here, a reliable network security system can provide an integrated solution to ensure privacy and maintain information integrity and meaningful data accessibility.

To Achieve Competitive Edge:

Today most business transactions are processed through Internet services. But, if your network is not reliable or secured, then no customer will come to your platform for any financial transaction. So, in order to attain competitive advantages, establishing a safe and reliable network security system is highly indispensable for e-commerce and other financial services providers.

To Maintain Industry Standard Codes & Policies:

Developing an effective network security system that complies with regulatory codes & policies is one of the prime responsibilities of all companies or organizations. This will ensure safe access of data, protection of confidential information and also preventing potential attacks from hackers, etc.