Most Common Network Security Issues & Solutions


All of us know that how much network security is important for business? But still some of the people are making same mistakes with their network security over and over again. A small ignorance towards it will direct the business towards big loss. Have you heard the saying of Einstein i.e. “Its not possible to solve the issue with the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them.”. The moral is: you can't fix the problem every time by using same methods. You have to change or upgrade your old methods to get rid of occurrence of new problem. Let’s have a look on some common network security issues and solutions:

=> Simple and weak network access password: Most of the network system administrator implements CAPTCHA technology for network security password vulnerability. A common CAPTCHA technology involves the typing of letters or digits from a distorted image by user which is appearing on the screen. It prevents unauthorized internet bots from accessing the network. This technology gives a false sense of security to administrator in regard to countering brute forcing.

Solution: It is better to create a complex password which includes 7 or more characters combined with some numbers or special characters. Network security administrator can create complex password and also execute a password expiration system which will assist user to remind users to change the passwords. Also restrict to reuse the same password.

=> Outdated Server Application or Software: Hackers constantly release new and new threats which are not found or corrected by outdated software or application.

Solution: So make sure to keep the server application or software up-to-date and keep the knowledge of latest hacks or malwares which will assist to protect the system.    

=> Web Cookies: One of the major network security issue is “unencrypted web cookies” because they can open the system to a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability. It provides hackers the access of login data cookies that can create a major vulnerability on your network security issue.

Solution: Make sure network cookies are encrypted and contains an encoded expiration time.

=> Plain Hashes: Hashing is a method to index and retrieve items in a database. Many encryption algorithms use plain hashes. A salt (kind of encryption)is also added to Hashes. But if hacker gets able to access the Salt encryption then network system can be easily accessed by attacker.

Solution: Make sure to ensure the safety in regard to Hashes which can be done by hiding the Salt or encryption key.

Share Hosting (Not Cloud Server Base): Most of the businesses use Share Hosting where number of websites resides on one web server connected to the internet. Every site has its own space or section o the server. Such kind of hosting is considered as the most economical option for hosting because here overall server maintenance cost is shared by the people. But this is very unsafe in point of security, if hackers get the access to any area of the shared server then it makes easy for them to access the other areas or section of the server

Solution: Use dedicated server hosting or secure cloud hosting.