Is Managed Services Affordable for Small Businesses?


Managed services are in great demand in today's corporate world, while providing highly efficient information system (IT) installation, maintenance and support services to companies or organizations. They monitor all your IT systems 24x7 by using leading edge methods and techniques to prevent security breach or system breakdowns. In fact managed services boost business efficiency and productivity, while freeing your company's IT staff to focus on other relevant IT tasks. However, when it comes to small business owners who run their business on limited budget, it becomes a challenge hiring the third-party managed services. Even if they know that professional IT services will ensure additional supports and tools to consistently improve their businesses, they find it hard to manage their funds for achieving their business goals. On the other hand, lenders are also less willing to offer credits to small business owners. In such challenging situations, many small business owners are on the fence on deciding whether or not they can be able to managed services to help improve and grow their businesses.

In many cases, small business owners end up costing more while cutting costs. So, let us explore some factors why managed services should be more affordable for small owners than using other alternatives:


Small business should stay up-to-date with new and trending technology to be more competitive. While it also becomes quite crucial to ensure that your business uses innovative tools to boost its efficiency, it also should be able to continue working even in the event of man-made or natural emergencies. Under such scenario, having professionals at your disposal to manage and support your IT system becomes indispensable.

Specific services at a specific price

Managed services provide personalized services in which you pay a specific price for specific services. This can help small business owners manage their budget in more efficient way, while allowing to see how it really works for them specific period of time. Some common services offered by managed services include technology evaluation and planning, custom software solutions, data backup and disaster recovery, remote network monitoring, network security, computer and server support, etc. With regards to business needs, small business owners can choose specific services that help reduce the cost.

Internal IT- 

Big companies usually have their own internal IT departments to timely support their IT and networking systems needs and this comes with investing a significant amount. However, most small businesses cannot manage the budget and hence customized services at specific budget from the third-party become a viable alternative.