How to Secure Small Business Network


Today with the presence of number of hackers or intruders, it becomes crucial to make a well protected shield around the network. It's not easy to maintain a secure small business network but with some useful and effective tips, you can secure your data and network at great extent.

  • Encrypted wireless access points: During a survey, it was found that numbers of wireless networks are wide open which give access to all those people who are nearby or in the range of network. Intruders can use it to access the network and can leave some dangerous threats over the network. Some people use MAC addresses filtering or lock down the Mack address for security. But rather than this, one more secure way is the use of WPA2 encryption. It is far better than other encryption methods.
  • Hide SSID: Make sure to hide service set identifier if you using wireless network. Most of the routers broadcast the network's name of SSID. But rather than broadcasting real information which gives the clear information about who owns the router, hide the SSID or give a different name like router1 or anything else. Don't give your business name or any other informative name that gives any kind of information to intruder. You can turn off SSID broadcast for network which makes it invisible to all nearby people.
  • Disable access from outside network: In case of web management interface, make sure to disable access from outside network and rename the default admin password.
  • Keep your computer protected from anti-virus: Use anti-virus software in all PCs and add anti-spyware protection.  Also keep your anti-virus software up-to-date in order to protect the system form latest malwares.
  • Put web server on DMZ: Place your web server on DMZ if you are running it on LAN. In this way you can keep your web server secure as with DMZ, all traffic pass through a firewall and it protects intruders to breach the security.
  • Scan regularly for exploits: Scan the web servers on regular basis and keep the track of your domain registry as well as change access passwords regularly.
  • Use VPN: It is good choice to sue virtual private network for accessing back to your local LAN or remote web server.
  • Disable file sharing on everything other than your file server
  • Disk Encryption

These are some of the simple and easy to implement suggestions that can help to secure a business network.