How to pull cable broadband quotes from all providers?

Telecom Advice

We often get asked from current and future customers on how to see what options are available for cable broadband.  We will explain.  

First, go to Buckeye Telecom's Quote Page and fill out the information.  This will give us an address and a good working phone number at that location. 

Second, sit back and relax.  We will take care of it.  Buckeye Telecom uses a patented API that allows us to use an address and phone number and pull quotes from all available cable providers. 

Third, we will put the info on one spreadsheet so that it is easy to digest, and either email it or SMS it to you.  The quotes will be from all available providers, for a month to month, 1,2,3 year terms.  Don't worry, the quotes we give you are the same as the direct reps.  

Fourth, we can set up a call with you and explain the differences and also our experiences with each of the providers to help you with your choice.  

Fifth, once you are all set on a term, speed, and provider, we will get the contracts/agreements from that provider for you.  We will send them to you, and you send them back to us.  We will turn them back into the provider and start tracking the order.  

Sixth, we will be your first line of support.   If you want to call the direct customer support from the provider, you are free to do this.  If not, we will take care of this for you.  The carrier pays us monthly to be an outside sales and support team for your company.  

Folks, that's it.  Simple, quick, and money saving.  

Your team at Buckeye Telecom Inc.