How to Attain Good Information Security Level over the Web?


Individuals or large organizations use lots of ways to keep their data safe and secure. As everything is now performing over the internet from personal to private or confidential information, it becomes essential for everyone to implement strong security check to protect the information loss or theft. Any loss of sensible data can harm the reputation of any organization so information security plays a major role. Cryptography and Information Security

One of the most reliable methods to protect valuable information over the web is Cryptography which is considered as the cornerstone of the modern electronic security technology. The cryptography for information security covers encryption and decryption.

Encryption process involves the transmission of information in coded form. This coded information is not easy to understand unless it is decoded or decrypted properly. It is an effective and most reliable way to keep the confidential data safe while transmitting over the internet.

Cryptography makes use of long series of numbers which require the use of certain algorithm in order to decode those series to get the information. These algorithms either require only one key for encryption & decryption or need two different key for encryption & decryption. The safe method is to use different keys. These keys are used to protect the data which is contained in a piece of encrypted information. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is used by internet browsers that assists to keep the information protected which is entered by online customers. The SSL protocol encryption also relies on keys and this is the reason why before purchasing online, it is necessary that online shopping site has an SSL certificate which ensures that data entered into it will be encrypted.

Most of the business transactions are now performing online which means information security is crucial so that there is no fear of data theft or loss. Thus cryptography is very important for network and information security.

Information security is the major concern in the growth of information-based processes in industry or business. To attain information security in communications, computer systems, electronic commerce, and in the emerging information society, nothing is better solution than Cryptography.