How Internet of Things (IoT) will change our life

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to become the advanced and smart network of physical objects, infixed with computing electronics, sensors, etc, to enable more efficient services that even surpass machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, while covering various applications, domains, & protocols in the process. Each thing is inter-operable within the existing internet infrastructure and can be uniquely identified through its embedded system. 

With such a smart grid of intelligent things, everything ranging from security camera, home alarms, air conditioners, refrigerator, light bulbs, to smart watches and vehicles will be able to connect to the Internet, facilitating to send and receive data more efficiently than ever before. So, in the near future, you are not likely to find a device that is not connected to the internet.  

Internet of Things will be omnipresent like today's mobile devices by 2025 according to a reliable survey. Though there is a little concern over the privacy and security, it is speculated that this trend will revolutionize almost every industry and will provide more efficient services like never before. This will create a brave new world where everything is constantly connected and online and will impact in areas such as transport, mobile communications, smart homes, wearables, agriculture, biomedicine, etc. 

IOT: Smart sensing things that adapts to your needs

Smart sensors are the first and primary key elements in the IoT trend. This means that the things can sense, accumulate data, and send data wireless. The devices can react by harvesting the energy from their own environments without using external energy. In such an ecosystem of smart grid, there will be applications everywhere whether it is an airport, train station, highway, gas station, homes, offices, etc, where things will detect, recognize and support you with the services you need. 

Today, the price of the energy is on the rise and we need a smart way to use it in the most efficient fashion. Here, IoT will help measure, control, and reduce energy consumption. These smart sensing devices will make energy more manageable by monitoring your energy usage like how much energy you could consume per day or what is in your storage, etc, allowing you to use energy more efficiently. 

You will have smart homes with networks of appliances where all your household devices will be interconnected to Internet and adapt to your needs, allowing you to access them anywhere anytime through mobile devices or wearables and the same on the city level. And everything from your vehicle to your cloths, these smart sensors will have a significant part towards making more reliability and quality improvement in everyday life over the next few years.