How Honeypots can help in Network Security


We are living in the world of computers. And when we talk of computers, automatically the word 'internet' comes in mind. As the internet is evolving day by day, computer networks are also becoming bigger and bigger. So it is very important to talk about security in such big mesh of networks. Here the term 'security' is not related to network security only but it is also related to computer security also. Many big enterprises or organizations are dealing with the task of making their network secure to make their valuable information safe and sound. There are many attackers and hackers which are present in the network that is always ready to steal important information in an unauthorized way. From software, movies, books, games anything can be breached by the hackers. Installation of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) or analyzing computer logs is not enough to detect malicious activities. The one and only solution is to deploy honeypots.

Honeypots is like a trap which is set to detect, deflect the malicious activities or unauthorized use of information systems.

Have a look on the types of honeypots:

Honeypots are of two types: Low-interaction and high- interaction.

The main difference between these two lies in their complexity and the interaction which they offer to an attacker. The low -interaction honeypots give attackers less control and they don't involve real production systems while the other one which is high- interaction involves real OS and applications.

 Let's know how honeypots help in securing the network.

Intrusion detection is not an easy task but honeypots makes this task quite simple.

What actually honeypots do is they just make fool of attackers. The attackers start doing their malicious activities by thinking that it is a legitimate system. And as the attacker start doing unauthorized activities to the honeypots, the attack related information such as IP address of attacker's system is captured. This is how a honeypot, which is simply a computer system on the internet, attracts and trap attackers and helps in avoiding any malicious activities. However, setting up of a honeypots needs considerable attention, so there are some points which should be kept in mind while installing honeypots.

Points which one should consider while setting up a honeypot:

  • While setting up of honeypots, install the operating system without patches installed and make use of typical defaults and options.
  • There should not be any important data on the computer system which is used as a honeypot.
  • Last but not the least point which is very important to consider is add the application that is designed to record the activities of the invader.