How Firewalls Protect your Data over the Network


Imagining our life, these days, without internet is just seems to be meaningless. Internet has become important part of our lives. With the introduction of internet, most of our tasks become easy and of course it saves a lot of time. There will not be any home where there is no use of computers and the internet. Whether we want to shop online, or bill payments, online transactions and many more all are easily carried out with the use of internet. But do you know that if you are connected to the internet, you can be an easy victim of cyber threats. Yes, there are many hackers, keyloggers, which are always ready to attack and steal your important data. Thus if you are shopping online or doing online transactions you are under the eyes of hackers. To avoid all these malicious attacks, it is very important to install firewalls.

A firewall can be a software program or piece of hardware that helps to screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that are ready to reach your computer over the internet.

How firewalls work for your security over the internet

To know the working of firewall it is important to understand the term 'packet'. When we send or receive information over the internet in small units, these units are called packets. A firewall always acts as a barrier and filterer of these small unit packets. It follows certain criterion set by a series of rules, and accordingly blocks or allows the data. This is how firewalls protect your important information from the hackers and thus helps to prevent other malicious activities.

The firewall can be hardware or software.  A router is the best example of hardware firewall. Just fit router between your computer and the outside world. At the same time you can plug many computers into the router and that all will be fully protected by the firewall.

And when we talk about software firewall, the name which comes first in mind is ZoneAlarm. It simply hides all open ports, stops malicious attacks and makes a warning against suspicious outgoing traffic. So you just need to install ZoneAlarm on your computer system and all your valuable data will be protected over the internet.

When we talk about such a useful network security firewall, it is equally important to know its types also. So, have a look one by one on the basic types of firewall.

Network Layer Firewalls: Router is the best example of network layer firewalls. The source address, destination address and ports in IP packets are required to make their decisions on the basis of which they filter out data.

Application Layer Firewalls:  The application layer firewalls run proxy servers, which do not allow traffic directly between networks, and thereby, performing elaborate logging and examination of traffic passing through them.