How digital mobile devices have changed our life?


Mobile devices are now considered one of the prime requisites in the recent years and this endearment shows no signs of fading away. The smartphones & tablets purchase rate over the last the decade has increased at astounding rate. The smartphone consumers hit 1 billion mark in 2012 and it is anticipated to surpass 5 billion mark by 2017. Such a fast-paced mobile devices penetration among consumers has significantly changed how people communicate, access information, or buy things, etc. A new trend on communication:

Over the last few years, the face of communication has dramatically changed, presenting more open and free platforms to meet rapidly changing user needs. For today's digitally aware consumers, social networking platforms, (facebook, tweeter, etc), instant text/image/video mobile apps (whatsapp) have become the vital medium for communication, while challenging the traditional Telcos. The communication trends have shifted from two-way, point-to-point conversations, to collaborative, many-to-many communications. This new shift in communication is driven by the availability of cheaper Internet-enabled multimedia mobile devices with greater penetration of broadband services. Your are now always connected to your family and friends.

The popularity of online shopping

Online shopping through mobile devices has immensely impacted the global ecommerce, exerting more influence in overall retail sales. With more powerful mobile shopping apps, mobile banking facilities, greater bandwidth and coverage, the rate of online purchase through smartphones, tablets has increased at significant levels, while making online shopping more popular than ever before. According to a new survey, over 75% of consumer purchases are likely to make through mobile devices in the US by 2017 and this rate of mobile adoption is expected to climb even further.

The ease of instant information access 

As long as you have a smartphone or a tablet with you, it is like you have the whole world with you. There is hardly any information you can't access anytime-anywhere whether you want to check out what's afoot such as breaking news, any trending topics, or any kind of information for your research works. Instead of waiting for weekly or monthly magazines to buy from your local bookstores, you can instantly access online magazines and read information through your internet-enabled mobile devices. You always stay entertained because your smartphone provides you the amazing facilities to instantly download songs, movies, games, etc, so you never get bored. This ease of instant information access has resulted the convenience of expanding knowledge as well.