How Cloud Technologies Have Impacted Our Lives


Cloud technologies have brought changes in many different ways in our lives. While the changes have been outlined majorly on the technical and corporate grounds, very few studies have illustrated the impacts on our day-to-day lives. Without a doubt, we are experiencing the blow of this breakthrough technology on many different aspects every day. With cost efficiency, fast & safe access, we have now embraced cloud technology on a widespread scale. Here is a list that highlights some major areas impacted by cloud technology:


The cloud technologies have shrunk the world into a smaller place with fast and efficient information accessibility and communication methods such as social media platforms, Skype, online new channels and various other cloud based methods. The shares and likes of Facebook and Youtube are the evidence to the transformation on how we are interacting with others. Through social media, we can know whatever happening in the four corners of the world and even a remote event can reach global stage by going viral. We can also have live video call through Skype and communicate with friends and family even though we live miles away from each others. In fact, cloud-based communications have reduced the gap even more, while giving instant and direct and connection around the world.


By integrating cloud technology in healthcare, medical organizations has gained various advantages such as sharing patient data among authorized medical professionals; facilities for the patients to check their own treatment status; reduction of operational costs regarding medical data storage, etc. In addition, all these facilities are maintained in a highly secure environment, compliant to industry codes. According to researches, healthcare industry will even gain more momentum in the coming years through cloud integration.


Cloud technologies have provided various advantages to educational institutions and students. With the implementation of cloud-based methods, students today can get various benefits that includes accessibility of information anytime, anywhere; online class enrollments, group participation activities, course subscriptions; assignment tracking, and instant availability of various study materials. All these features have also immensely reduced physical data storage as well.


Cloud-based technologies have brought immense growths in the developing nations around the world because investing in costly infrastructures is no longer necessary because they can simply access readily available data and applications in the cloud. With quick and safe information sharing, public and private sectors can efficiently work together towards bringing greater development and better services in every sector.