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Cyber security has been associated with the rapidly growing complexities, threats or vulnerability. In a computer security network, vulnerability is a kind of bug or weakness that allows attacker to reduce system's information assurance. A successful attack can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of network security system. It can be found in popular operating systems, router and firewalls. The main cause of vulnerability occurrence is due to the complex nature of programming and number of human errors due to complexities. Hackers when access the source code, they can easily find weakness to exploit which can lead to loss of sensitive information, DoS Denial of Service attacks etc.. In the cyber world, devices are getting interconnected and this inter-connectivity make it easy for hackers or attackers to compromise data both on the large scale and irrespective of where it is found.

Have a look on some of the most recent vulnerabilities: 

  • Insecure DLL in FDT1 DTM Setup – This vulnerability is due to the vulnerable DLL associated with the FDTI DTM setup which causes buffer overflow and remote code execution.
  • InTouch Access anywhere server security vulnerability: This stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability is found in Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere Server product. It causes a buffer overflow that may allow arbitrary code execution.
  • POODLE SSL V3 Vulnerability: POODLE referred as adding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. This vulnerability is found in SSLv3 protocol that allows a main-in-the-middle attacker to decrypt the cipher-text.
  • HeartBleed - OpenSSL Heartbeat vulnerability: This is one of the most serious vulnerability found in popular OpenSSL, cryptographic software library, This bug causes steeling of sensitive information easily.
  • Besides these, there are lots of other vulnerabilities such as: ActiveX Control Vulnerability, Shellshock - Bash Utility Vulnerability, Authentication Bypass on Web Server, Improper DNP3 Input Validation, DNP3 Driver Fuzzing Vulnerability and much more.

As there are huge usage of internet networks so it is essential to prevent your networks from threats or vulnerabilities. Number of vulnerabilities is identified every year. Thus it becomes important to manage your network security properly and execute some steps that can protect against network security vulnerabilities.

Implement these strategies to protect against network security vulnerabilities: 

  • Identification  and Discovery of entire network system: Through a network mapping software, scan all networks
  • Vulnerability assessment: Use vulnerability tools that assist to identify vulnerabilities within the network.
  • Vulnerability review: It helps to give a clear view of where your network is at risk as well as emphasis on the most critical vulnerabilities and systems in preparation for remediation.
  • Vulnerability  remediation
  • Ongoing vulnerability management

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