Cyber Security – To Pay Or Not To Pay


Have you ever heard about a malware “Ransomware” which forces to pay money! If not then go through with this article that will demonstrate the “Ransomware malware attack”, its consequences and ways to protect from it. Ransomware & its consequences: Today, one of the most unwanted viruses is 'Ransomware' which restricts you to access the system. It is malware software that infects computer and lock it for further access unless you pay some ransom.

Once your computer get affected by this virus, a pop-up window or email warning will displayed on your computer which looks like an official authority and explain that it has been locked because of possible illegal activities on it. User has to pay demand money for accessing the system.

Example of such malware attack: Pop-up window shows a message like this click here to resolve the issue,” or pay a $200 fine for browsing “websites with illegal content”.

National cyber security and specialist centre CyberSecurity Malaysia is also alerting the public about this malware.  Victims are suggested to report to CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Cyber999 help centre about  “Ransomware”  and ignore the payment instructions as  it doesn't guarantee the release of encrypted files. Attackers just get paid and your system will still remain infected. So don't follow any ransom demand.

Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab (CyberSecurity chief executive) said that “The creator of Ransomware puts fear and panic into their victims, causing them to click on a link or pay a ransom and inevitably become infected with additional malware”.

Numbers of businesses are also getting infected by Ransome malware attack. They prefer to click on the link that demand the ransom in order to avoid the risk of temporary or permanent loss of essential information, interruption of regular business operations or to prevent any harm on organization's reputation.

What actions should be taken if your computer is infected?

  • Don't pay ransom
  • Report to cyber security help centre
  • Take the assistance of technical expert
  • Restore backups

How to protect against Ransomware?

Users are recommended to take some of the preventive measure to protect their computer networks from Ransomware malware attack:

  • Install and maintain up-to-date anti-virus software
  • Execute regular routine backups of all vital information to reduce the impact of data or system loss. Keep the data on separate device and store backup offline
  • Make sure software is up-to-date with latest patches and ensure that system is fully patched against known vulnerabilities
  • Don't click the unsolicited web links in email
  • Follow best and safe practices when browsing the web