Cyber Security Predictions For 2015


Number of data breach issues had been occurred in 2014 and these sophisticated attacks will continue to grow in 2015. Today, we are going to discuss about top enterprise cyber security predictions for 2015 that will emphasis more on cyber security issues. Growing number of point of sales attacks:  During 2014, major retail chains were targeted with massive data and credit card breaches. This will going to increase in this year and number of major restaurant chains will going to be the next target.

Cyber security and breach insurance: In retail, restaurants and healthcare, cyber breach insurance will going to be popular. Small or large businesses will surely realize the value of such type of protection and it will expect to continue to grow at a large scale.

Cyber criminals leveraging APT TTPs: This year will give more emphasis on Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) tools, methods and process which will going to be effectively used for cyber crime.

Apple products progressively target: In 2014, we have seen various attacks on Mac OSX operating system and malware targeting the iphone. Now we can even see increasing number of cyber attacks on Apple products.

Mobile: Due to android's quickly growing market share, it has become the most targeted cyber attacks source. IOS platforms like iPhone and iPad are difficult to attack but there will be chance to see new malware in this year. Thus for every company, there is a great need to consider strong mobile security strategies.

Critical SCADA attacks: This year will come with the cyber related SCADA attacks. There will progressively brazen attacks against companies for financial and political reasons.

Public/Private Cyber Threat Data Sharing: There will be more cyber threat intelligence data sharing by Private corporations and government and in real-time.

Threat Sharing - Compliance requirement for Enterprise: In 2015, for every organizations and government, threat intelligence will become the compliance requirement. Integrated threat intelligence will focus more on compliance standards like payment card industry's PCI/DSS.

These are some of the cyber security predictions for 2015 that must be considered by small to large organizations. Now a day, information theft, damage to databases and other kind of cyber attacks are really huge threats to businesses and organization of all kinds. To get rid of disastrous incidents that can harm the reputation, customer loyalty and revenue of organization, it is essential to build the ability to rapidly digest threat intelligence according to risk based priority and remediation.

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