Cloud Based Services


For any company, technology is usually the key to moving ahead in a rapidly changing economy.  Business runs on computers.  However, as those machines have evolved, we have begun to break free of the constraints of large desktops that tether us to our offices.  In the past few years the development that is allowing the entrepreneur to break the chains of the desk is cloud based services.  They are making us more mobile and able to meet with customers face-to-face.  An unfortunate byproduct of the digital age has been that we have become increasingly disconnected physically from one another.  Anyone who is in business for themselves knows, though, that a good firm handshake can make the difference in getting a contract signed.  In the past we had to have our large devices with us in order to access all the information we needed to give to a client to seal the deal.  Cloud based services gives us the freedom to take our data with us wherever we go since it is stored in a virtual realm that is within the reach of our finger tips.  We can now meet with a potential customer secure in the knowledge that we will be prepared to answer any question. When it comes to the cloud, however, some people have worries.  In recent memory there have been a number of breaches at big companies that called into question the security of storing our information digitally.  Not to dismiss such risks, but they do not outweigh the convenience of being able to access your data any time, anywhere.  Besides, there are a variety of measures that can be taken in order to protect against cyber attacks, and to repair the damage done if they cannot be prevented.  When dealing with sensitive data, the last thing you want to do is project the image that you are careless with it.  Taking such measures as you can will give you peace of mind and lend credence to your venture.  So go ahead and store your data in the cloud.  You can put lots of information there, giving yourself a powerful tool in today’s business world.  As long as you take the preventative measures, it might just give you a competitive edge in landing that long sought after, game changing client.

Security risks aside, cloud based storage is simply the wave of the future.  You can fight it all you want, but you do not have technology and trends on your side if you do.  Our devices are becoming smaller, more portable, but also more powerful at the same time.  Computers these days do not rely so much on their internal storage capacity than on how well they can connect to a server to store their information.  By utilizing cloud based services, the only thing that will limit you is the download speeds of wherever you happen to be conducting your business.

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