Hosted PBX

10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Hosted Phone System, NOW!


Just like everything connected with technology, telephone systems are undergoing radical changes in the recent years. Ever since Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone, people have integrated it so much into their lives that today we can’t stay long without our smartphone.

At the same time, businesses have successfully embraced the opportunity to incorporate telephone system making them an essential for every office. However, 2017 might be the year you consider updating your company telephone system. The newest addition to the telephone family is the so-called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - where calls are made over the Internet connection, rather than phone lines.

If you are still not convinced about investing in a new telephone system, here are eleven reasons why you should do so.

It’s Geographically Independent
With VoIP telephone system you are not limited to having a phone number with one country code only. Because of its connection to the Internet, this system gives you the opportunity to have multiple numbers with different area codes which are quite useful if you have an international company.

It’s Easy to Scale Your Business
In most cases, companies don’t stay the same - they either scale up or down depending on business performance and other factors. Using a VoIP phone system allows your enterprise to grow as much as possible without putting you in a difficult situation.

It’s Accessible from Everywhere
This is only one of the advantages of digitalization - the opportunity to work regardless of your location. It’s not the best idea to take your business phone with you on your holiday, but with VoIP, you can do it if necessary. Accepting calls from home is not a problem as well.

It’s Customisable
In the 21st century, we are used to having many products and services tailored exclusively to our personal needs. Businesses also need unique features, and VoIP systems are the perfect tool for this purpose. 

It’s Easy to Maintain
 While traditional telephone systems require a certain amount of time and effort for maintenance, VoIP systems are cloud-based, and the provider has responsibility for all the support.

It’s Secure
Security is one of the leading concerns when it comes to business. You might think that the Internet-based phone system is at more risk than the traditional one, but you can trust the VoIP business phone system. Most systems are managed by a skillful team who make sure your company information is securely stored off=site.

It’s Cost-effective
Another significant benefit of VoIP phone systems is that they reduce costs - again thanks to its cloud-based nature. International calls at a lower price and affordable hardware and software is a perfect solution for small, medium, and big companies. Since it’s all connected to the internet, the only thing you need to assure is a good Internet connection. Another proof that cloud-based systems are cost-effective is the fact that you get to choose between various price plans which also include maintenance.

It Includes a Variety of Calling Features
With the tailor-made solutions, there are many calling features you can choose from, for example:

Call Screening
Missed Call Notifications
Unlimited Number of Users
Conference Calls
Integration with Email and E-fax
Call Routing
Auto Attendant
Call Recording
Voicemail Delivery by Email
Smartphone and Desktop App Integration
Call Fraud Monitoring and more.

It’s Energy Efficient
Sustainability is a trending topic and relevant issue that many companies are dealing with these days. Saving energy resources is a responsibility of every business and VoIP telephone systems allow you to do so. Furthermore, your electricity bill will decrease significantly which again proves that cloud-based telephony is a cost-effective solution.

It’s Future Proofing Your Company
The forecast for the future is debatable, yet one thing is for sure - the digitalization of industries is going forward. By having such an innovative system of communicationArticle Search, you can prove to your clients and competitors that you are up to date with technology.

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