Be Afraid, be very afraid! Some MSP's are lying to you!

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Do you have an MSP? How do they monitor your system? Do you know what they do? Do you know if they can service you if the crap hits the fan?

I will give you the first-hand knowledge that quite a few of the "MSP's" in Columbus use free, yes free, software programs to "monitor" your network. So you pay these "MSP's" hundreds even thousands of dollars a month, and they monitor your network with a program that costs them nothing.

What does your MSP do? Well, simply put, they wait. Wait until you call them with an issue. Then, they try to figure out how to fix the problem. Most of the time, they Google to find out the problem and then become an "expert" on it. Hell, I have called one myself who after waiting on them for hours to figure out a problem, I finally called my customer who fixed it in less than 5 minutes.

What if your network goes down? After-hours? Most MSP's charge you a monthly fee to "look over" your system and make sure nothing happens. Again, with free software. Once you call in, now they charge you $100 an hour to "fix or at least attempt to fix" the problem. If it's after-hours, the tab starts at an extremely rapid rate. ($150+ an hour)

With all of that said, enter Buckeye Telecom. We simplify all of this with a couple of options.

1~ We can monitor each circuit at your location for $20 a month. With that $20 fee, we will do the following.

- Monitor your network

- Send you weekly reports on how the system is doing (top users, outages, etc.)

- If there is an issue, we will call in a trouble ticket to that carrier

- We will alert you every hour on the status of the trouble ticket until resolution

2~ We can monitor your network for free (No BS) if you purchase a circuit through us. With the free option, you will only get texts/emails about the circuit going down. We will not move forward with helping resolve the issue.

If you would like more info, feel free to call us at 614-224-2003 or Contact Us.

We are here to help you.

Buckeye Telecom Inc.