An Overview on Online Security Threats in 2015


With more and more business applications as well as individual file storage embracing cloud-based services, security turns out to be an extremely vital concern to keep data or files safe within organizations. The outgrowth of BYOD (bring your own device) trend along with wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets in the workplace has elevated the level of security concern for many enterprises and companies. The utilization of new technology has made information more readily available but it also has made information more vulnerable to hackers. Protecting your information is highly indispensable to keep your business system grow efficiently without any threat or risk. However, the vulnerability in modern business system has considerably increased ever since the wireless communication started. Today, there are various forms of security attacks, targeted cyber activities and hacking activities that use pre-built or well-resourced tools.

According to cyber security experts, the volumes of online attacks will keep on increasing as new technologies keep on emerging. Highly sophisticated and resourceful hackers can target any type of business, leaving no organization immune. Last year, there have been many security breaches concerning even highly protected military and government online systems. This increasing threat will continue pressurizing both public and private organizational assets further more in 2015 as well.

Online Security Trends to Expect in 2015

  • Wireless and cloud-based technologies will bring many changes on how we deal IT security
  • Organizations will implement more intense and proactive cryber security protection
  • Security-as-a-service will be one of the next big things in the corporate world.

Security experts anticipate that state-sponsored threats and cyber espionage will keep on increasing in 2015. The level of security concern regarding hackers using sophisticated malware will be continuously on the rise that would further push security experts designing more proactive security system.

Both government and private organizations will need to change their security strategy from a basic defensive approach to a more proactive measures & smart security management where attacks are prevented before they take place. Therefore, organizations will be required to gain great insights and become well-informed from big data analytics and other security intelligences. This will assist enterprises or organizations in understanding the priorities and taking necessary measure to prevent any kind of security threats.

In 2015, the need for outsourced security-as-a-service, skilled security resources and other managed IT options will continue to be increasing to meet the ongoing protection needs. Therefore, mainstream security vendors have to generate a range of affordable services and products that can really meet the emerging security needs for organizations.