A Checklist on Current Small Business Technology Trends


Small business technology trends may considerably the same as those a year ago. The dominant forces at work are still cloud, mobile, security awareness, software integration/automation to name a few. However, the intensities are more forceful, extensive, affordable, and more fascinating than ever. Here are 5 important current small business technologies trends that help businesses grow and prosper in the today's corporate world.

New Projects in the Cloud

The cloud has continued to evolve and is making its own ways towards greater heights. Its features such as mobility, affordability, scalability, and various other IT functions enable small businesses to use cloud for their new project launches. It allows business configure, deploy and access applications across the platforms, while also providing highly reliable data backup, data archiving and disaster recovery resources.

On-Premises Technology Reduction

The way small businesses operate has remarkably changed in the last few years. The use and maintenance of in-house technology paraphernalia has significantly been reduced as more and more business start moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. This has also reduced cost as well as complexity concerned in buying and maintaining all that software and hardware equipment.

Mobile Solutions

Most small business owners agree that mobile solutions are crucial to business development. With the ability to run business applications through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile wave is now irresistible at work. Studies show that mobile solutions has boosted small business technology budgets, bringing bigger opportunities for marketers to leverage the mobile technology, capture more customers, acquire real business results.

Integrated Software

Small businesses have realized the critical value of connecting with customers through buy and sale life-cycles. That is why more and more integrated software such as Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) has been enforced in sales and marketing functions.

Increased Security Awareness

While technology delivers greater options and functionality with decreased cost, it also brings various vulnerabilities like ongoing debates on cloud security. So, with more cloud users in the small business industry, paying more attention towards security has become critical such as employing more robust security measures as well as providing security awareness training to employees for reducing or preventing various security threats.