A Checklist on Current Cloud Security Issues


Reaping maximum benefits out of the cloud technologies demands highly efficient and effective security management system. Today, with more private enterprises, governmental organizations, and individuals adopting cloud technologies, it also raises more security issues than we have ever confronted with other past technologies. Cloud computing is indeed a cutting-edge technology; however, an absolute and full security coverage has not been yet accomplished. While cloud technologies have a long way down the road, greater consumer responsibility is highly crucial to its success. Let's check out 4 cloud security issues that require immediate attention to improve the cloud based-projects.

Security visibility issue

The security visibility and risk awareness provided by cloud providers are still scarce. Apparently, while utilizing a cloud service, companies have to calibrate various aspects such as cost, visibility, control, etc. Insufficient visibility results in various questionable and potential risks, leading to weakened situational awareness. So, while preparing to adopt a cloud service, an enterprise must address such issues and should figure out the best techniques they can get their hands on to deal with security visibility and risk awareness.

Safer storage issue

Storing classified data safely is one of the most significant issues in cloud computing. The most practical method used to secure data is encryption; however, with the existence of powerful malicious programs in today's shared environment, encryption-decryption logic could illicitly be monitored in the cloud, trying to capture the sensitive data converted in the plain-text. Instead of encrypting, some enterprises use encoding method before the data reaches the cloud storage. So, cloud providers need offering more proactive security strategies and measures to provide safer storage for sensitive data.

Authentication & authorization issue

Every company implements its own authentication and authorization management system. Though there are various solutions available for cloud authentication and authorization, we still find issues concerning these solutions. Therefore, organizations should access their current authentication system at regular interval and check if it is still reliable and secure. A company's authentication system should be flexible that suits its baseline security visibility plans. Security administrators should also be capable of integrating new services securely and efficiently to its active directory while specifying different authentication schemes in the most effective way.

Apps security issue

Apps security has also been one of the major issues that have created buzz for years. Enterprises often make a common fault of deploying existing apps in a cloud environment without determining what new vulnerabilities could be accompanied by the move. In order to make application security more resilient, re-architecture of applications may be executed before they are deployed to the cloud environment.