Based in Ohio, but serving companies worldwide, our company has been built the old fashioned way. Our Midwestern work ethic is integrated perfectly into a team of highly skilled and tech savvy professionals. In other words, we are a Technology company with old school Values. That translates to YOU always coming first. We are your partners and will continue to do what's best for YOU long after the sale.

We understand that your ability to communicate is the backbone of your business. We are experts at how your equipment, hardware, and services need to interact. We will suggest and provide the best package specifically designed for your business. As your business grows, we will also keep augmenting your services by increasing access, bandwidth, phone systems, VOIP extensions and lines, and more. With over 20 years of experience, we can quickly analyze your current provider contracts and requirements and recommend the best combination of services at the best rates to satisfy all your communication business needs.

Buckeye Telecom is a telecom broker. We assist our customers in finding and implementing the best Security, Data and Cloud Services solutions for your telecom/technology needs. Our Custom Designed IT infrastructure options will allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers, partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, while maintaining cost effective measures.

As a Telecom Agency, we have agreements with over 100+ telecom carriers / vendors to ensure you get a product that’s a perfect fit for your business. This means we can quickly acquire the quotes and information that you need – without you having to request them yourself. We guarantee that our product and industry knowledge will save you money and time. If you have never worked with a telecom agent, try it, you will never go back.